Aaron Jiang

Hi there.

I am a PhD student in Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.  I research social computing, online communities, and social media with my advisors Dr. Jed Brubaker and Dr. Casey Fiesler. I research the relationship between human and data, how people interpret data, how people behave and communicate with each other online. I used to work with Dr. Lana Yarosh at GroupLens Research.




2016.8.14 Drove 16 hours to Boulder, CO via MN, SD, NE, and WY!

2016.4.15 Thrilled to announce that I’m joining Department of Information Science @ University of Colorado Boulder as a PhD student! Huge thanks to GroupLens people and especially my advisor Lana for being constantly amazing!

2016.2 Traveling to CSCW @ San Francisco to present my research on social norm evolution in online gaming communities!